Dr. Bob Davis

Robert Davis is a retired plastic surgery physician. He has participated in many mission trips over the past 25 years, and has performed a variety of surgeries, including many life-changing plastic surgeries. He is also always willing to help in any way needed, whether rehabbing homes in Appalachia, making and serving meals to the homeless, or painting a children's home. He has led his church's mission committee for more than 20 years in local, national, and international missions.

Dr. Bob is one of a few unique individuals who sees everyone as equal and able to contribute. He has been instrumental in helping countless others share in the joy of missions - nurses and physicians as well as non-medical people. He recruits individuals, helps them prepare for trips, and mentors them during the trips.

This scholarship is to honor Dr. Bob for all that he has done in missions and especially for what he has done for nurses over the years.